Becoming a Health Guru

I too have a curiosity or what some call an undying passion for “wellness”, “clean living”, and a harmonious life. I’ve studied to be a certified detox specialist, I’ve taken any and every nutrition class available, made my own lotions, potions (a.k.a. cleaning supplies, home-made laundry detergents), read listless books on the topic of wellness, I’ve swung from the ceiling upside down in antigravity yoga to learn about rejuvenating cells (and eliminating grey hair naturally),  all in the name of living the longest healthiest life possible.

This space exists to share what works and test what others claim. We will discover together what actually makes you feel better, live longer and detox your life. No biased opinions or products here. This is purely based on research and real results.

Join me as I do all the heavy lifting, so you can make easy changes today to live your best life.


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