Brush Up on What’s Good for You!

wooden SPA brush and accessories

Life Hack: Get Glowing Skin while Detoxing, in 2 minutes!

“How”, you ask?  Dry Skin Brushing!

It’s instant gratification, super easy and it’s the cheapest way to see and feel major benefits to your skin right away!

Benefits to Dry Skin Brushing, besides your new improved, softer skin…

We are detoxing your body by eliminating toxins, removing dead skin (which is why you’re going to experience softer glowing skin), activating red blood cells to stimulate healing, getting your lymph nodes moving, oh and smoothing and fighting cellulite! Do you need any other reasons?!

The best part… it takes less than 2 minutes to dry brush your entire body! (That’s less time than I wait to make a left-hand turn into my office parking lot.)

It’s completely idiot-proof, too! Just brush in long upward strokes always toward your heart, starting from your feet and working all the way up to your neck. While brushing over your stomach, be sure to move in counterclockwise movements to get that digestive system moving correctly.

Expect your skin to become slightly pink – as your blood cells are being stimulated and you’re literally  brushing your skin. (Yes, that’s the only time you’ll see literally used correctly today, I’m sure of it.)

You may be asking, “When do I do this weird new ritual?” Anytime will be beneficial for you, but before your shower in the morning is the most ideal to maximize the benefits all day long!

If you’re still stumped on how to get started, below is an easy to follow guide to show you how to successfully dry brush in the right direction.

And, when you have time to kill – I highly recommend Googling, “How to Dry Skin Brush” for some of the most awkward videos ever made!


How To Dry Skin Brush

If you aren’t a frequent browser in the bath and cosmetic section at Whole Foods, you may be asking, “Where do I buy said brush?” There are many reputable places to pick up this handy new tool, but please don’t spend more than $14! You can find awesome brushes at your local grocery store for about $7 or so. Just be sure to find one with a long handle so you aren’t awkwardly straining to reach your back.

Best of luck, and happy brushing!

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