I found it! The product that changed everything!

I’m in no way being compensated to post the this as I put this product on it’s rightful pedestal. Let’s get down to the point of this post and finally toss out that aluminum packed deodorant AND that ineffective granola brand that doesn’t do jack when it comes to protecting our pits.

Without further ado, I give you THE HEALTHY DEODORANT. No really, that’s the name of Lavanila’s amazing healthy deodorant, making it easy to ask for the next time you’re perusing your local Sephora or shopping from the comfort of your couch. (Are people ordering deodorant online?!)

Why I love this product: simple – it works! If you’re anything like me, you’ve given other “all-natural” deodorants a try and without any luck and end up going back to the toxic stuff out of necessity of living sparing the your S.O. and office mates. The Healthy Deodorant retails for $14-$16 and is worth every stinkin’ penny. 🙂

If you’re looking for a solution to stop sweating, it’s important to note that it’s 100% not natural or healthy to stop sweating as your body needs to sweat (especially your pits; one of the main points of exit) to release those toxins and keep you healthy and regulated. You will still sweat with The Healthy Deodorant, but without the toxic aluminum there’s no more stained shirts, and with Lavanila’s solution you will smell fresh all day due to the natural essential oils and blend of ingredients. (T.M.I. – The first hard sweat I had after making the switch I still wasn’t sure about it, but 2 weeks in my body adapted and now I can officially feel confident using it for everyday use.) I recommend testing it out in environments when you aren’t sprinting marathons or trying to impress on a job interview so you can adapt too.

I hope to help you find clean healthy products to trust so there are fewer health issues for each of us. If you want to learn more about the brand and why they believe in natural products, check them out here. Pretty cool read.

So, go throw out that toxic b.s. (that’s somehow still legal in this country) and go get yourself a product that is going to keep you chemical free and smelling fresh!



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